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Terms & Conditions

Event Refund Policy

All Sales Final. Event Ticket Policy's will be posted in the ticket information. Tickets will be refunded prior to the event. We will need an email or social media message and allow 48 hours to respond. Refund might take 72 hours.

Photos & Video

Any Tagged Social Media Photos & video may be re-shared, taken or used for websites and advertisement. All guests coming onto the private property assumes the risk of showing up on a image or video content.

Emails & Privacy Policy

All Emails Used for tickets, communications or forms will be added to our email data base for promotional content. Emails will not be sold or information shared to non DK Enterprise Of Pinellas LLC use

Birthday Parties Form Manuel Entry Charges

We try to be as flexible as possible. If weather does not look good or you want to change the date we can move the date or time with no penalty. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your package we will add a credit or charge to your tab. Since there are no refunds, we will not refund any remaining credit if any. You can use your credit for added tickets. Filling out the form gives us permission to charge the card provided for the package amount chosen on the form. Tax + 4% Card charges are not included in listed pricing 

Credit Card Chargebacks

In person card use will have a 4% service charge. Most products and services will have sales tax. If you have entered in the farm, you have now consumed the product we sell. Requesting a refund after animal access will NOT be granted.

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