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Sell Your brand and product at DK Farms and Gardens

We'd love for you to join us with our next event! We want a great experience for you and the guests. Send over an email now to connect with us. Once we receive your information, we will assess if you're a good fit, and then you can purchase a spot. The Pinellas Medieval Fair, Fall Fest & Christmas At The Farm are charged per weekend, and you do not need to attend the full event. There are no single-day options for any events; thus, the price typically includes two days.

You can also choose to pay for spots, and if any product you sell conflicts with another vendor, conflicts are typically resolved in favor of the veteran booth. We may require you to restrict an item or not allow you to attend with a refund. We do not reserve spaces; once it's paid, it's yours. We generally prioritize the next event in the queue, and most events are fully booked a month before the event date. Only premium blue spaces are permitted to use power.

Submit TO Be A Vendor

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