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Birthday &Celebration Area Rentals

Very Spacious Shaded Seating Areas

Bring the kids and family to your local Farm & Petting zoo for your next celebration. We have many party areas at the farm. You and your guests will have full access to our Farm Experience Your party time choice can be any day of the week (9:30-12:30)or(1-4)Or both times for an additional $100 fee.
Party set up and tear down must be in this time frame. You can decorate your area (no balloons) and bring in food of your choice. Restrictions: Do not bring in food for Animals & No Alcohol. Pricing all has to do with who you pay for and how large of a space you would like to have. You can pay for all your guests, kids only, family maximums or any combination you would like to do. Other guests not paid by the host will pay normal admission.


Step 1: Read Your Package Options





Bounce House

Guests Included

Activity Tickets


















Special Event Days: A Special Weekend's are during the Medieval Fair, Easter, Spring Fling, All of October & The December Season
We will have two areas for party spaces. $100 deposit with the choice of 9:30-12:30 0r 1-4pm. You will need to purchase pre-sale tickets for your guests under your parties name or have them purchase tickets on their own.

Tickets: A Special to the Host Only. Additional Host Tickets are $5 each
Menu Per Guest:
18 Hole putt putt: 1 Ticket
Two Animal Feed Cups: 1 Ticket
Pony Rides (Under 50 Pounds): 2 Tickets
Hay Rides (When Available/ During The first weekend of the month or Most Special Event Days) :
2 Tickets

The Herb Garden
Seated Area

Book The

This area is outside the admission gate. This space holds 5 picnic tables. This seating area is a space created so there is not a forced admission charge. If certain people want to go in to the activity area you can pay as a group or individually.



Step 2 : Read


When Does The Hayride Run?

Spring Fling, Every Weekend of October & First 4 weekends of December. The hayride is not available upon request.

You're The Pro, Any Reccomadations?

After hosting hundreds of party's at the farm, We learned a thing or two. If your child is 5 years old or younger choose the 9:30-12:30 party time frame. Do a snack instead of a later lunch, so parents don't disrupt their child's nap time. Younger groups usually do pony rides versus the older crowd including dads like to play the putt putt. Unlike a park, most guests are not sitting around. You chose an amazing place with lots to see. Don't worry too much about seating, it's a common concern. If you choose to create restrictions on your guests don't feel like a cheap skate. When your guests see there is a normal admission to get in, they always understand if you did not want to pay for their entire family and/or ad ons. The suggestion is to only pay for the kids and your immediate family and allow the additional guests to pay their admission. 


Can We See The Spaces & Request A Certain Area?

We charge $10 per guest to enter in the farm. If you would like to see the area in person before you book, you will need to pay admission for you and any other additional guests. Regardless of coming in person or not, you can request when we call for a certain area and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Can I Book The Whole Farm? 

We do not offer the service of closing the petting zoo down for a private session during normal business hours. Private Sessions are available for an additional $150 per hour from 4pm to 7pm. You can call for a request. 

Can We Change/Cancel Packages or Dates After I Purchase ? 

We try to be as flexible as possible. If weather does not look good or you want to change the date we can move the date or time with no penalty. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade your package we will add a credit or charge to your tab. Since there are no refunds, we will not refund any remaining credit if any. You can use your credit for added tickets. Filling out the form gives us permission to charge the card provided for the package amount chosen on the form. Tax + 3% Card charges are not included in listed pricing.

Start Booking Here! We'll Call Ya Before Processing Your Order
Party Package
Attendance Prefference
Time For my Party

Thanks for registering. Will Give You Call By The Next Business Day. A 4% Card Charge & Tax Will be Added To the Pricing.

Step 3: 

Private Goat Yoga
Up to 24
 Guests $575
If you don't mind having other guests with your group, choose an available session HERE


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