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Miniature Golf

Come play one of the most interesting miniature golf courses in Florida. Surrounded by beautiful tropical landscaping and a petting zoo.The 18 Hole Course typically takes 35-45 minutes depending on the group.

Almost all the holes are average Par 3's.

After your course challenge you can explore the rest of the farm filled with animals and fun hidden spots.

Admission will be required to enter the farm


Goat N Cow Cuddle 

This experience gets you up and personal in two separate areas with the animals. Laugh during this fun-filled Encounter with our micro mini highland cow and our adorable Nigerian dwarf pygmy goats.

Get up close and personal and pose for some memorable photos. The Goat & Cow Cuddle Encounter is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Ask one of our friendly staff members to take a photo of your group if you would like. You can meet and wear the giant Great Pyrenees dog too!  

$10 Charge per guest for this added encounter

Gem Mining

Discover jewels, gems, shells & stones. Great for all ages. The moving current of water washes the soil away through your screened tray, revealing the treasures that remain behind. Available by the bag. 1 for $5 3 for $12. Typically you want one person per bag. 

Gem Mining

Pony Rides

Rides are for any child 50 Pounds and below. 4 laps around the pony pasture. Meet the ponies & pet her. Give her a treat at the end of your ride to reward the pony.

Image by William Daigneault


Go Inside to BunnyLand to Hold and pet our large assortment of bunnies! BunnyLand is included in General Admission. 

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