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Our Animals

Great For All Ages!


Meet Jenny the Donkey

Miss Jenny is a beautiful & sassy Provence Donkey. She loves attention and will scream at you if you don't say hello. She was adopted by the farm, from someone who was not able to take care of her properly. Make sure you get some feed and hand feed her on your next visit.

Donkey Fun Fact:

A Jenny is a female donkey and a Jack is a male.


The Silly Silkies

They have Black Skin, Turquoise Ears & has an Extra Toe.

Silkie Fun Fact:

Our Fun Looking Silkies were donated to the farm from a guest to offer another animal to selection. They are know for their hilarious afros. We use there eggs to feed our pigs & dog for extra protein. 

We have a few types of chickens to see and some beautiful roosters too. Throw some food their way and watch them run!  

See Lots of chickens


Our 3 Little Pigs


Pig Facts:

Chicken Facts:

There are chickens called Americanas who have beards and make green eggs!

Our 3 little pigs are not so little anymore. There is a black, brown & pink piggy. Harry Porker, Penelope & Petunia. Each pig has their own story and all have been rescued for a forever home at the farm. 

Pigs have very strong immune systems. Even with their lack of hygiene, their noses are very powerful. With those big snouts they cannot see their bite. Keep the kiddos hand away from the pigs.

Hand Feed the Goats


Goat Fact: 

Say hello to the cute ponies

Goats don't have top teeth so don't worry about getting bit too hard & our goats are sweet hearts <3
Did you know a baby goat is called a kid. Goats pupils are rectangular to give them a longer range of vision, they can see 320 and 340 degrees... however they're unable to look up or down without moving their head.

Fun pony facts:


They are stronger for their body size than larger horse. Ponies have a very powerful kick! Did you know that ponies drink water by the gallons each day! But they don't over do it, they only drink when they are thirsty.

Quack with
the Ducks 


Duck facts:

Here at the farm we have Khaki Cambells ducks! Did you know that you can tell the difference between the males and females by the color of their heads? Male khakis will have darker heads compared to the females. 

Rabbit Fun Facts:

Hold A Bunny in the Rabbit Touch Area


Tortoise Exibit 

Image by Circe Denyer

Spot The Koi  

Image by Thyla Jane

18 Hole Miniature Golf
on the Farm*

+ $6 Per Putter

*Additional cost above admission

Pony Rides for birthday parties and special events

Guests will not be allowed inside most animal exhibits for safety for everyone. You will be able to go into to go into our bunny touch area. All guests will be in reaching distance from almost all the animals. No food or Pets will be allowed in for our  residents best interest. DK yearly events may change the pricing, included feed and operational hours.

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