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This October, brave the Top Local Halloween Tampa Bay Area event: Fearville.
When the sun dips below the horizon, monsters and maniacs alike will take over this seemingly peaceful farmland, and torment those brave enough to enter.
Experience the dark atmosphere of Halloween with walk around characters, photo ops, amazing decorations and animatronics & Performances, best of the night: a full fledged haunted house attraction, Trail & Hayride in Pinellas / Largo.  Designed for a mature audience.

October 2024

Gate closes around 10 however all guests will be able to experience an attraction if waiting in a line after 10pm.

Main Attractions


Step right up to The Oddville Circus of the Strange and Macabre. Feast your eyes on wonders no man has ever seen. But be warned, something sinister lurks behind the curtains of the big top, as mysterious disappearances occur every time the circus pulls up in town. Despite the rumors surrounding the circus, the show must go on, but you may not make it out to tell of the wonders that behold. . Opens 7PM

Haunted Hay Ride

Take a seat onto the the haunted Hay Ride. Venture through the mystery of what Fearbrook awaits, if you dare... It may be your favorite memory, or your last...... Opens 7:15pm

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acrobatics & Fire SHow & More!. creating a mesmerizing 30 minute show with visuals and feats of strength and flexibility. 
Show Times: 7:15Pm/8Pm/8:45Pm

Fearville is Designed for a mature audience 14+
But any age are welcome, You have been warned

Additional  Entertainment

Bull Riding, Mechnical Bull Rides
Mini Golf, Miniature Golf. Putt Putt



ALL Night



18 Hole Mini Golf

Mechanical Bull Ride

Big Bag of Animal Feed


Games & Activities


Get Your Tickets Here

  • FEARville
    DK Farms & Gardens
    DK Farms & Gardens, 1750 Lake Ave SE, Largo, FL 33771, USA
    DK Farms & Gardens, 1750 Lake Ave SE, Largo, FL 33771, USA
    Experience the dark atmosphere of Halloween. Prepare yourself for the most disturbing, the most heart-pounding, and the most intense ride in Pinellas County.

Starting at: $27


Looking for something less scary?
Bring the kids to our Trick or Treat

Toddler kid hands holding jack-o-lantern

WARNING: Attending DK Farm's 'Fearville' entails known and unanticipated risks that may result in physical and emotional injury. Risks may include: slipping, falling, collision with fixed objects or other participants, bruises, twists, sprains, breaks, seizures, and possibly death. DO NOT ENTER this attraction if you suffer from asthma, heart conditions, are prone to seizures, physical ailments, have respiratory or any type of medical problem, are pregnant, or suffer any form of mental disease, including claustrophobia. By reading this warning, you understand that such risks are to be expected when entering any haunted attraction, These risks cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential qualities of this activity. By purchasing a ticket to Fearville, it is expressly understood that you have been made aware of these risks and you agree to assume all the risks existing in this activity. Your participation is purely voluntary and you elect to participate in spite of the risks. We reserve the right to eject or refuse admission to any person whose conduct is objectionable. Third Party Attractions are not staff of DK Farms & Gardens. 
Let's enjoy the season by dressing up however
No halloween Masks, No real or fake weapons allowed inside.  
No refunds will be given.

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